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Joshua James
Joshua James

Tales Of Vs English Patch Download

Hi guys, someone is interested?I saw that don't exist a tales of Vs patch. So this game deserve one.Yep, i'm not so good in romhacking but i can do a eng menu patch of the game.' Won't be a super cool patch i know.' FIRST READ HERE:This patch born to pleasure me. So 'i dont care' if is ugly or have lack of character spaceBUT with this i can play the game much better. Anyway i accept any criticism.By the way, skilled people can play this game without problems.The Patch-The patch will be a.ppf to apply with UMDgen (very very easy process)Tales of Vs. Eng menu patch V 1.01stWeekly report-Project start: the patch size was 4,06kb2ndWeekly report-The patch size now is 14,07kb3rdWeekly report- First release?Some Skill Translated (Thx to GameFAQS).

Tales Of Vs English Patch Download

After downloading this patch, you will be able to transfer current gen save data (PS4/Xbox one) to next gen (PS5/Xbox SX). There will be new options to choose from on the title screen (SAVEDATA UPLOAD & SAVEDATA DOWNLOAD).

One of the coolest features of Tales of Phantasia is that your characters call out the names of their attacks or magic before they execute them. Also, the game's opening sequence has a full-length lyrical song. DeJap's English translation (above) retains the Japanese voice acting. However, if you'd like English voice acting, download this English dubbed version. If you prefer patching the game yourself, apply the patch to DeJap's translation. 076b4e4f54


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