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Download and Use DaRT 10 21H1 ISO Files for Free

Windows 10 Creators Update: Since Creators Update is still in beta and there are some unknown issues with it, but we cannot test Creators Update on Windows 10 64-bit as it does not boot in UEFI mode. So we cannot test that version with the WIM and ISO files. Windows 8.1 Update 2: When you first run this version of the tool, a warning message will show up. It warns that you will not be able to unselect all the options for this version of Windows 8.1 Update 2. Be sure you only select the options you really want. Windows 8.1.: The main issue with this version of the tool is that the scripts are altered to not work on Windows 8.1. However, the recovery options are still there. You just need to right click on the iso, open it in DaRT, then save it as a WIM file to the iso. Windows 7: This version of the tool is not compatible with Windows 7. It won't work. Windows XP: This version of the tool is not compatible with Windows XP.


The process of updating DaRT from earlier versions of the.ISO should be similar to the process of creating a new ISO. When done, unplug the bootable media and save it somewhere. Then, once you are back on the same media, plug it back in, and boot the computer to the OS installation menu.

The ISO image is now bootable from both the DVD and USB, and both PC types should be able to find the right media. You can make it so you can get into a boot loop by having an installation media that only boots into a different media.

We have just brought out the new DaRT 10 toolset. This can be used to create DaRT recovery image files in ISO and WIM formats and burn them to a CD/DVD or USB stick. The new and old versions of DaRT can be used with Windows PE. If you have tried DaRT 10 then please let us know what you think. Our responses to your responses will help improve future product releases.


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