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Joshua James
Joshua James

Resharper 10 License Key 19

I accidentally installed the newest version of ReSharper (version 10) and recognized afterwards that my license key does not work for this version.Now I tried to reinstall ReSharper 9 by getting it from the website:

Resharper 10 License Key 19

A ReSharper Ultimate license makes a single developer eligible to use all 5 products on a single developer workstation. You can install them all at once, or at any time you feel you need them, and use a single license key to activate any of them.

Every ReSharper Ultimate license includes 1-year subscription to all updates across all tools that it includes. After your subscription expires you can continue using the latest installed versions of the tools, and you will be eligible to receive free bug-fix updates as well (those that have 3 digits in version number).

This article explains how to locate, claim, and export product keys from For more information about activating a product with a key, retail and volume license versions of keys, and daily product key claim limits, visit the product keys overview.

LSU ITS maintains a list of free and open source software that are not supported or purchased, however are free to use by license which can assist in many use cases as needed. Some products on this list are not free, but are pre-approved for purchase if needed by a department.


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