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Beyond weather forecasting, meteorology is concerned with long-term trends in climate and weather, and their potential impact on human populations. An important area of meteorological research these days is climate change and the effects it may cause.


Meteorology is the study of weather, climate, and the characteristics, structure, and processes of the atmosphere. Students learn how to forecast the weather and how to understand climate change. The emphasis of the Bachelor of Science degree program in Meteorology is on developing a broad understanding of the fundamental physical and dynamic processes governing the motions and behavior of the atmosphere, and its interactions with the underlying land and ocean surfaces. Basic courses in chemistry, physics, and mathematics are the prerequisite foundation on which the meteorology program is built. Students who wish to pursue an undergraduate meteorology degree should have a strong high school or equivalent background in mathematics and the sciences prior to enrollment. This is the only program in New Jersey that meets all the U.S. federal government civil service requirements for classification as a meteorologist and the American Meteorological Society's recommendations for undergraduate meteorology programs.

  • Although our students go into many fields, our WeatherWatcher broadcast meteorology program (and associated Living-Learning Community) has produced a number of graduates with successful television careers. One of our 2003 graduates, Dylan Dreyer, is now doing the weekend weather on the Today Show and frequently appears on the NBC Nightly News. Here is a small sample of other graduates from our program you'll find on TV:Mark Elliot ('04), on The Weather Channel,

  • Lauren Casey ('06), on KYW-TV in Philadelphia,

  • Kelly Ann Cicalese ('11), the 2013 Best Weather Broadcaster in the state of Wyoming, now at WCVB-TV in Boston, MA,

  • Alyssa Caroprese ('12), on WRGB in Albany, NY,

  • Paul Beam ('14), on WICZ-TV in Binghamton, NY,

  • Alex Calamia ('16), on WLTX in Columbia, SC,

  • Heidi Werosta ('16), on WBOC-TV in Salisbury, MD, and.

  • Michael Autovino ('17), on KPVI in Pocatello, ID.

Welcome to your home of nearly 80 meteorology majors, including Valpo faculty as passionate about the weather as you are! You will put your passion into a career with hands-on learning in forecasting, aviation meteorology, broadcasting, research in severe weather, tropical meteorology, extreme weather, or climate impacts, and many more directions; opportunities await you. Your goals, success, and future are our top priority. Valpo meteorology faculty love teaching and we are an undergraduate only program. You are our focus

The B.S. in Meteorology is a 132-hour interdisciplinary degree program that offers a comprehensive education that prepares students for entering a wide variety of professional careers as well as graduate programs in weather modeling and forecasting, air pollution studies, broadcast meteorology, hydrology, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications in meteorology, and education.

Millersville University meteorology faculty members, Drs. Richard Clark and Todd Sikora, received a $77,600 grant to participate in the NASA Investigation of Microphysics and Precipitation for Atlantic Coast-Threatening Snowstorms (IMPACTS). For more, see IMPACTS ( Millersville was sought out to obtain atmospheric profiles of temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind velocity from the surface to the stratosphere in locations where there are perceived gaps in the current upper-air profiling network.

A team of Millersville meteorology students deployed to select sites closer to the Atlantic coast, one near Brick, NJ, and the other near Stroudsburg, PA, where they provided support for the scientific objectives of IMPACTS. Millersville was funded to support seven intensive observing periods (IOPs) in 2021-2022, one in which a mobile profile platform was deployed, and five IOPs in 2022-2023. Dr. Greg Blumberg and Weather Information Center Director Kyle Elliott took over as the senior personnel from Millersville on IMPACTS in 2022-2023. Each mission is designed to launch up to 12 balloons with attached sensors (radiosondes) while nor'easters track up the Atlantic coast. Each year, 20-30 students participated in the project in teams consisting of four students, with the teams deploying on a rotating basis.

A small group of meteorology majors, known as the Space Weather Group, conducted a maiden launch of a balloon carrying a payload of instruments for measuring X-rays, Gamma rays, and UV rays, as well as a radiosonde for collecting weather data. The balloon carried its payload to an altitude of 103,000 feet... Read more >>

The forecast for careers in meteorology is good as understanding the weather is becoming crucial in business, agriculture and other fields. Median salaries are well above the national average. Our program is designed to prepare you for a broad range of meteorology and atmosphere related careers.

Our Bachelor of Science in Meteorology is the only such program in the State of Connecticut, and one of only a few in the Northeast. WestConn has developed a foundation of courses in mathematics, computer science, physics, astronomy and earth science, combined with meteorology, to prepare you for television and radio weathercasting, operational forecasting, or for teaching or research in the atmospheric sciences.

  • This major includes courses which lead to a Bachelor of Science degree. Students are provided with a broad background in meteorology, mathematics, computer science, physics, and chemistry. Meteorology requires a solid foundation in science and mathematics. Candidates are encouraged to have completed courses in high school mathematics through trigonometry, and a year of both chemistry and physics.Graduate Degree ProgramMaster of Arts in Earth and Planetary Science, Meteorology/Climatology OptionFinancial Aid and ScholarshipsInformation on financial aid can be found at the Financial Aid Office.Faculty and StaffJames P. Boyle, Ph.D., Associate ProfessorRobert N. Eisenson, M.S., Associate Professor, AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM)Gary Lessor, B.A., Assistant to the Director of Meteorological Studies and Weather CenterAlbert Owino, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Director, Meteorological Studies and Weather CenterThe Weather CenterThe WCSU Weather Center continues to provide information to clients, including schools, towns, public utilities, and corporations. This center provides our undergraduates with experience in providing forecasts on a daily basis and the opportunity to access data for their research projects. Who are you? Future Students

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Whether you want to become a broadcast meteorologist, storm tracker, or world weather expert, a meteorology degree from Florida Tech will give you a strong background in physics and chemistry with experience in environmental science and technology.

The Florida Tech meteorology program boasts a close-knit intellectual community that offers students small classes, well-established professors, and caring staff. Students benefit from the mentoring that a low student-to-teacher learning environment provides, as well as the opportunity to work with faculty and local organizations on vital weather- and climate-related projects. Every year, faculty assist high-achieving meteorology students in applying for scholarships from the American Meteorological Society.

A program in meteorology requires top-notch facilities. At Florida Tech, students have access to the National Weather Service site in Melbourne, Florida, as well as the USAF Launch Support Teams at Patrick Space Force Base and the Cape Canaveral Space Force station.

Beyond the classroom, meteorology majors build leadership and professional experience through exciting internships and participation in academic organizations like the American Meteorological Society, the Marine Technology Society, student government, and over 100 other campus-wide student organizations.

Florida Tech students looking for meteorology internships have access to the local National Weather Service site, the 45th Weather Squadron, and the Kennedy Space Center for direct industry experience. In addition, meteorology students can gain experience and meteorology internships with:

Meteorology careers are truly global. The World Meteorological Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations that has 183 member states, each of which has national meteorological or hydrometeorological services. And, of course, each of these involves meteorology careers.

Meteorology jobs often await Florida Tech graduates immediately after receiving their degrees, whereas others enter a graduate programs. In fact, 20% of meteorology graduates go directly to graduate school at Florida Tech or at other universities such as:

The University of South Alabama offers a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology that prepares students for a variety of professional careers. Students who major in meteorology have the opportunity to experience real-time weather operations first-hand at the on-campus Alabama Power USA Coastal Weather Research Center, a fully-operational, state-of-the-art facility unique for any college in the nation. The center provides a variety of weather information to businesses, industries and municipal governments across the region.

Meteorology students choose from three speciality tracks. The professional meteorology track prepares students for employment with the National Weather Service, the military or employment with private weather forecasting services. Students who prefer a career in radio and television can select the broadcast meteorology track. The graduate school track is available for students who would like to further studies above the undergraduate curriculum. 041b061a72


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