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Tec Startup Garage: BATCH 2 2021B

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Rezo Titov
Rezo Titov

Vip Teen Party Vol 28 27 ##BEST##

Stereo Garden is a unique multi-purpose venue located in the Village of Patchogue, New York. Offering Live Music Events, Catering, Private Events, and a Restaurant with a fresh made in-house menu. Cater your next wedding, fundraiser, bar mitzvah, private party, corporate events and birthday here at Stereo Garden.

Vip Teen Party Vol 28 27

All complaints of harassment and/or discrimination will be examined impartially without prejudice and without malice toward the reporting party regardless of the status of the person accused. Information provided will be released only on a need to know basis. After an investigation of the allegations, a determination will be made, and resulting action will be recommended to management. The investigation may include interviews with the individual making the charges, the accused individual and appropriate witnesses. All employees or contractors with information are required to participate in an investigation if asked to do so by the Festival.All determinations are made on an individual basis. The Festival has the discretion to apply any sanctions or a combination of sanctions to eliminate any unlawful conduct and remedy the impact of any harassment or discrimination, such as:Counseling the offender;Transferring the offender to another position;Placing the offender on probation, with a warning of suspension or discharge for continuing or recurring offenses;Placing the offender on suspension with or without pay;Discharging the offender; orTerminating the business relationship with the offender.

Important NoticeFlorida Statute 943.082 states that if, following an investigation, it is determined that a person knowingly submitted a false tip through FortifyFL, the Internet protocol (IP) address of the device on which the tip was submitted will be provided to law enforcement agencies for further investigation, and the reporting party may be subject to criminal penalties under s. 837.05. In all other circumstances, unless the reporting party has chosen to disclose his or her identity, the report will remain anonymous.

The Floozies are producer/guitarist Matt Hill and drummer Mark Hill. These two brothers are bringing their fresh approach to electronic music and live performance to venues and festivals all over the country. The duo's combination of cutting edge electronic production and party rocking funk energizes crowds and turns venues into epic dance parties.

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