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Max Payne 2 Punisher Mod: How to Become the Ultimate Vigilante

Be sure that your max payne 2 have no "data" folder. With data-folder mods just work incorrect or doesn't work at all. Or maybe your version (we can't see all local-versions of game) use anothe arhive names, thats why weapon patch works incorrect.

Max Payne 2 Punisher Modl


To the creator of the mod, you're a big hypocrite, the mod looks really promising on the screenshot but once in game this game is stripping everything good from max payne 2 and adds really dumb sh*t, you claim you won't give players an option to turn off the attrocious screen shake because of "realism", yet you add this huge crosshair in the middle of the screen and make enemies bullet sponges (same as the punisher), where's the realism? only where you want it to be? what's realistic about enemies taking 50 shotgun shells to the head (every mini-boss fight) or a huge guy struggling with a 9mm recoil? (also the fact almost every weapon can be shot as a full auto if you hold fire) let's not even talk about the music choices.

Also even the opposite approach to difficulty would be much better and fitting to this punisher themed mod, why not make everyone die in 1-2 shots? the protagonist too, make gunplay extremely fast and punishing, instead of turning Max Payne/Punisher game into a really bad roll dodge simulator

Higher difficulty does not mean attrocious screen shake + enemies taking 20 mags to the face, it's not dificult at all the thing is i came here to play max payne 2 not dark souls russian edition where you have to roll dodge for 20 min and get epilepsy,

And again no it's not difficult, i finished all max payne games on highest diff + did the challenges on 2, your mod is not difficult it's literally just the cheap mmo rpg approach where you make enemies bullet sponges and add dumb annoyances to the player, and the thing is no one will say that to sam lake because his game is playable + he added multiple difficulties

> i came here to play max payne 2 not dark souls russian editionFor Max Payne 2 expirience, play vanilla mp2-game, and next time READ feautre-list before download something. Cause now you sounds like a crying baby "Your Cyberpunk2077 is ****, becuse I want GTA, and this game - not GTA". Lol.

//W.E.A.P.O.N.S\\ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ I_I_I_I_I.Added the customized Colt 1911's.Added M4A1 Carbine.Added Dual UMP 45.Added M249 .New Colt Anaconda.New Beretta with Compensator.New Desert Eagle.New Mossberg Maverick Shotgun.New Spas 12 Shotgun.New Sig SG552.New Glock 18.New Colt Commando.New FAMAS F1.New Sig Saucer SG3000.New .480 Cheyenne.All New Sounds For Shooting.Added Colt 1911 Reload Sound.Added M4A1 Carbine Reload Sound.Added M249 Reload Sound.New Colt Anaconda Reload Sound.New Spas 12 Shotgun Reload Sounds.New Sig SG552 Reload Sound//G.A.M.E.P.L.A.Y\\^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^.Gibbing System Enabled.Shootdodge Rebuilt.Bullettime Remap //M.I.S.C\\^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^.New Punisher skins.New Healthbar.New Bullettime Bar.New Menu Screens by Tim Bradstreet.New Menu Music by Carlo Siliotto.New Font II.Canada_Dry -Mod Founder -Coder -Mapping -Particle FX -Everything Else ;).Theki11erwithin -Mapper -Coder.Kylemf88 -Skinning -Misc.III.Special Thanks to Marvel Comics for creating The Punisher.Carlo Siliotto for his amazing composing of the scores for The Punisher.Tim Bradstreet for the Menu art.Deflex for modeling the Colt 1911.Ikraan for modeling the Glock.Decimal for modeling the M4A1 Carbine.Birdhouse for texturing the M4A1 Carbine.oPe for modeling/texturing the Mossberg Maverick.Darkstorm for modeling/texturing the Spas 12 Shotgun.Scrypt for modeling/texturing the UMP 45.Bullit for modeling/texturing the Sig SG552.Lonewolf for modeling/texturing the new Desert Eagle.Snap for modeling the FAMAS F1.S.P.I.T.Z. for texturing the FAMAS F1.FrencyNeo for modeling/texturing the Beretta.Slaughter for the playermodel from deep blue.Kylemf88 for all his input on the mod along the way, you've been a great for kicking off a new chapter in Max Payne development.Rico for helping me alot with the gibbing system.Lindsey Lohan for being there for me in those tough times :(0_Step1.Extract THEPUNISHERMOD.rar to either your C:\programfiles\rockstargames\maxpayne2 directory, to play in normal Max Payne 2 (recommended)._Step1a..Extract THEPUNISHERMOD.rar to your C:\Maxpayne2dev\game directory, for play in developer Max Payne 2 mode (normal Max Payne 2 mode recommended)_Step2.Either start Max Payne 2 or Max Payne 2 Developer, depending on where you installed it (look above). And choose THE PUNISHER MOD from the drop down Mod Selector List._Step3(optional).Choose options and Un-Check "Pixel Shader Skins" if the mod is crashing on your PC._Step4.Click Play

I see you guys complaining that remedy isnt the one doing this...but ROCKSTAR is. Do you understand? ROCKSTAR. You know, the immensely successful creators of the GTA series? Likely one of the best companies to be doing a game about a rundown old washout cop living in a terrible city with a lack of morality. Did any of you play any of the GTA games? This is like a step UP. (i am a massive max payne fan and I'm extremely excited by this news).


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