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How to Create a Custom Profile in Need for Speed: Underground 2 with Profile Creator v.1.1

How to Create a Custom Profile in Need for Speed: Underground 2 with Profile Creator v.1.1

If you are a fan of Need for Speed: Underground 2, you might want to customize your profile to suit your preferences. You can do this with a tool called Profile Creator v.1.1, which is a mod for the game that allows you to:

  • Set any size of the initial budget

  • Select any car (including from among the initially blocked ones)

  • Unlock all modifications

This tool was created by Igor Wallossek and can be downloaded for free from[^1^] In this article, we will show you how to use it and create your own profile in NFSU2.

nfsu2 profile creator 1 3 free download

Step 1: Download and Install Profile Creator v.1.1

The first step is to download the Profile Creator v.1.1 mod from[^1^] The file size is 368.5 KB and it is compatible with the US version of the game. You can also find other versions of the mod for different regions on the same website.

After downloading the file, unzip it and run the executable file named "ProfileCreator.exe". You will see a window like this:

Here you can choose your profile name, language, difficulty level, and initial budget. You can also select your car from a list of all available vehicles in the game, including some that are normally locked. You can also unlock all modifications for your car by checking the box at the bottom.

Step 2: Save and Load Your Profile in NFSU2

After you have customized your profile, click on "Save" and choose a location to save your profile file. The file will have a ".nfsu2" extension and will be named after your profile name.

Now you can launch Need for Speed: Underground 2 and load your profile from the main menu. You will see your profile name, car, and budget on the screen. You can also access all the modifications for your car in the garage.

Congratulations! You have successfully created a custom profile in NFSU2 with Profile Creator v.1.1. Enjoy your game!


Profile Creator v.1.1 is a handy tool for Need for Speed: Underground 2 fans who want to customize their profiles and cars. It is easy to use and free to download from[^1^] With this mod, you can set any budget, choose any car, and unlock all modifications for your vehicle.

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