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Buy Fuel Wheels Online [PORTABLE]

At Fuel Off-Road, we take our machining seriously. With over 25 computer controlled machining centers running around the clock, we have the equipment, the engineering know-how, and the workforce to handle any wheel you can dream up. From concept to cutting, we are proud to offer the widest variety of forging styles and the industry's shortest lead times for custom forged wheels. All day, everyday we build the biggest and baddest custom wheels in our state of the art California facility. From design and engineering to CNC machining and finishing, we do everything in-house and in a fraction of the time our competitors can. Available in diameters from 20" to 30", Fuel Forged offers you every option you can imagine and more.

buy fuel wheels online


BB Wheels is proud to be a Top Rated National Distributor and Dealer of Fuel Wheels. Fuel has been around since 09 and since then has made themselves one of the most demanded wheels in the off road market. For the racing enthusiast to the good ol boy who loves slinging mud more than his own birthday, Fuel wheels are the baddest out there. We offer Free shipping and have wonderful pricing. We love saving our shoppers money on shipping and costs. Give your truck the love it deserves with some gorgeous Black Fuel Off Road Wheels.

The Fuel Wheels lineup is just what customer have been looking for when it comes to edgy, and aggressive truck rim styling. Brought to market to do battle with the xd wheels line up of truck rims, the fuel wheels have won 4x4 truck enthusiasts with their strength and style. Sophisticated manufacturing techniques have the Fuel wheels recognized as not only being superior in quality, but affordable in pricing. Match those combinations with popular finishes like flat black rims, black chrome rims, and even all black rims, and you have the meanest looking truck rims on the market.

Many lifted truck enthusiasts love the Fuel Wheels brand because the custom sizing can accommodate truck tires by BF Goodrich, Nitto, and Good year tires. The most aggressive looking wheel and tire packages have been making statements and winning fans when it comes to the 4x4 truck crowd. If the blacked out look doesn't appeal to your tastes, then perhaps their chrome rims are more your style. Want a combination of the two, then look no further than the black and machined fuel wheel finishes. No matter what look you're going for on your 4x4 truck, Fuel wheels have a rim that will not only compliment your vehicle, but make a statement.

If you are seeking clarification on Fuel Wheel fitments or creating wheel and tire packages, please feel free to contact our customer service representatives at 1-877-382-2007. takes a back seat to no online company selling rims for sale! When it comes to offering the best off road wheels at the best possible price, has the competition beat! Want to further your savings, feel free to ask our representative's about our tire sales and tire crazy.

A great off-road experience comes from having a fully equipped off-roader, complete with ground clearance and a larger tire set. You just don't go off-road with stock tires. And large tire packages, in turn, call for wider wheels for optimal off-road experience. These specialized wheels are made of special alloys, making them unbreakable.

Parts Engine has the latest 2018 styles of FUEL Off-road Wheels along with the most popular styles till date, not to forget free shipping in Canada. You can select from Gloss Black, Matte Black, or Chrome finish in selected models. With these beautiful and tough off-road wheels, a second look is guaranteed. List of styles is as:

The largest selection of custom wheels to customize your vehicle. Quick and Easy, purchase wheels - rims and tires for your vehicle. Ask about our free customization advice and our free shipping offers. Rated #1 in customer service, offering the safest options to buy online.

Fuel Off Road wheels are designed specifically for off-road vehicles. Fuel Off-road offers the latest in design and engineering innovations on the market. Wheels are available in fitments for both standard and lifted vehicles.

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your golf cart is by upgrading the wheels and tires. Altering the wheels to a unique design that will match the personality you want for your ride will help turn heads everywhere you go. Improving the tires to a style that is more suited for the type of terrain your golf cart will be driving over also improves traction and tire life. JEGS offers golf cart tires and wheels for sale from top brands including Raceline Wheels, MHT, Cragar, Coker Tire, and more. View our wide selection of golf cart DOT approved tires as well as wheels that will help you customize your vehicle and tackle any terrain.

Upgrading your golf cart's tires and wheels offers two main benefits. The first is creating a unique-looking ride that will match the personality you want and turn heads everywhere you go. Changing the tires to match the ground you cover will also improve traction and tire life.

Installing a custom golf cart wheels and tires combo on your ride will provide a unique look that will attract attention while on the move or parked. Whether you choose larger diameter wheels with low profile tires or large knobby tires for an off-road look on your lifted cart, your ride's appearance will be dramatically transformed.

There are many different options available that will allow you to upgrade your golf cart's wheels and tires. It is very important to understand golf cart wheel and tire sizing and how to change golf cart tires before you make a purchase. To help you with your search, we have provided answers below that help answer common questions about golf cart wheels and tires.

The diameter of golf cart wheels is measured by beginning at a point on one side of the wheel face, across the middle, to the opposite side. The lip of the wheel is not calculated in the measurement and the number that is observed when measuring should be to the nearest inch. Wheel width is measured as the distance between the edges or lips where the tire bead seats. The measurement should equal to the nearest inch or half inch.

It is possible to put larger wheels on your golf cart, provided that there is room for them to fit them underneath. The wheels also need to have the correct hub bolt pattern, offset/backspacing, as well as a tire size that will properly fit the wheel and golf cart.

Depending on the golf cart make and model, the size of rims will change. Common golf cart wheel diameters include 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, and 14 inch. In some applications, wheels can be as big as 22 inch in size. Four to eight inches is the most common golf car wheel width range.

On golf cart wheels, offset refers to the distance between the back face of the wheel that fits against the golf cart hub inwards to the inside lip of the wheel (back spacing) and the distance from the wheel hub mounting surface to the outside wheel lip (front spacing) . A 3/4 offset on golf cart wheels means the distance from the hub side of the center of the wheel to the wheel lip is three inches, and from the hub out to the outside wheel lip is four inches. The combined distance is equal to seven inches, the width of the wheel.

Upgrading your factory-style golf cart rims and tires with custom wheels and tires will allow you to have a unique-looking vehicle that will turn heads. It will also provide you with the best type of traction for the trail you either follow or blaze. Browse our large selection of golf cart wheels and tires for sale that will transform the look of your ride and provide the off road or pavement traction you need.

Purchasing clearance wheels is a great way to save money and transform the look of your car, truck, or SUV. JEGS offers a wide selection of discount wheels for sale fitting Ford, GM (Chevy), Mopar, and other vehicles from top manufacturers such as The Wheel Group, Center Line Clearance Wheels, Weld, Mickey Thompson clearance wheels, and others. Each clearance wheel either has been discontinued or only has minor imperfections that will not affect safety or balancing issues so you can get the wheels you want at a price you can afford with the assurance you need.

There are many benefits to buying discounted wheels. When properly matched, the result will be a great deal and value on an upgrade for your vehicle as well as the possibility of owning a spare wheel at a cheap price in case its needed. JEGS offers clearance wheels for sale at a low price online and with over 60 years in the business, JEGS is the engine parts and wheel superstore. 041b061a72


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