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Tec Startup Garage: BATCH 2 2021B

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Rezo Titov
Rezo Titov

Download Re 4 Ppsspp [NEW]

You need a special ds card. you download on your pc and place it on a sd card. then slide the sd card in the game card. Then put it in your ds/2ds-3ds. Then Launch the game.PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY ONTO THE 3DS. IT WILL NOT WORK.

Download Re 4 Ppsspp

You are really incredible. I still can't believe that you actually made it for old consoles like PSP DS or Wii even for PSVita without apply for PS Mobile dev license. I dropped C++ for the Python. When I saw your video I run quickly to download devkitpro but I got some errors when downloading and installing. But I want to stick with python. 350c69d7ab


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