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Evertale Full Offline APK: The Best Way to Experience the Story-Driven Adventure with Friends

Evertale: A Fantasy RPG Where You Can Catch and Evolve Monsters

Have you ever dreamed of exploring a vast fantasy world filled with mysterious creatures to capture, battle, and train? If so, you might want to check out Evertale, a mobile RPG game that lets you do just that.

Evertale is a game developed by ZigZaGame Inc., a company that has been creating games since 2008. It was released in March 2019 for Android devices, and has since gained popularity among RPG enthusiasts and beginners alike.

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In this article, we will give you an overview of what Evertale is all about, how to play it, who are the main characters, and some tips and tricks to help you get started and progress faster in the game.

How to Play Evertale and What Are the Main Features?

Evertale is a game that combines elements of monster-catching, turn-based combat, open-world exploration, story-driven adventure, online multiplayer, guilds, events, and more.

The game takes place in Erden, a fantasy world that is plagued by an ancient curse called the Pandemonium. The Pandemonium is a shroud of evil that descends once every 100 years, bringing chaos and destruction to the land.

Only the fabled Crestbearers can stop the Pandemonium from returning, but all have failed so far. You will join two young heroes, Finn and Rizette, who are on a quest to uncover the secret to ending this age-old curse once and for all.

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Who Are the Main Characters in Evertale and What Are Their Roles?

Evertale has a rich and immersive story that follows the adventures of various characters who have different backgrounds, personalities, and motivations. You will get to know them as you progress through the game and witness their interactions and development.

Here are some of the main characters you will meet in Evertale:

  • Finn: He is a young Crestbearer from the town of Bysa, who has a strong sense of justice and curiosity. He is brave, loyal, and optimistic, but also naive and reckless at times. He is the main protagonist of the game and the leader of your party.

  • Rizette: She is a mysterious girl who has the power to control ice. She is cold, aloof, and secretive, but also kind and compassionate. She has a tragic past that haunts her and makes her distrustful of others. She joins Finn's party after he saves her from a group of bandits.

  • Nagi: He is a Crestbearer from the desert region of Nalbina, who has a passion for exploring and discovering new things. He is cheerful, friendly, and adventurous, but also impulsive and careless. He is Finn's best friend and partner in crime.

  • Astrid: She is a Crestbearer from the forest region of Norza, who has a talent for archery and healing. She is calm, gentle, and wise, but also stubborn and proud. She is the princess of Norza and the leader of the Order of Sanctia, a group of Crestbearers who fight against the Pandemonium.

  • Endless Rizette: She is a dark version of Rizette who was corrupted by the Pandemonium. She is cruel, ruthless, and sadistic, but also lonely and tormented. She is the main antagonist of the game and the leader of the Dark Legion, a group of Crestbearers who embrace the Pandemonium.

There are many more characters you will encounter in Evertale, each with their own stories and roles to play. You can learn more about them by visiting the Evertale Wiki or by playing the game yourself.

How to Get Started and Progress Faster in Evertale?

Evertale is a game that offers a lot of content and challenges for RPG fans, but it can also be overwhelming for beginners who are not familiar with the game's mechanics and features. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started and progress faster in Evertale:

  • Follow the story mode quests: The story mode quests are the best way to learn the basics of the game and earn rewards such as gold, soul stones, mana, weapons, accessories, items, and characters. You can follow the arrow on the screen to guide you to your next objective. You can also replay previous chapters to farm for resources or complete achievements.

  • Farm for experience points, gold, soul stones, mana, and other resources: You will need these resources to level up your characters, evolve your monsters, upgrade your equipment, summon new characters, and unlock new features. You can farm for them in various locations such as story mode chapters, training dojo, mana springs, soul stone mines, gold mines, etc.

  • Participate in online events and leagues: Online events are limited-time activities that offer exclusive rewards such as rare characters, items, soul stones, gold, etc. You can check the event schedule on the game's official website or Facebook page . Online leagues are competitive modes where you can battle other players in real-time and earn trophies that can be exchanged for valuable prizes.

  • Join a guild and chat with other players: Guilds are groups of players who can cooperate and communicate with each other. You can join or create a guild once you reach level 10. By being part of a guild, you can access guild-exclusive features such as guild chat, guild shop, guild quests, guild wars, etc. You can also ask for tips and strategies from other players or share your own.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Evertale and Where to Download It?

Evertale is a fun and engaging game that offers a lot of benefits for RPG lovers. Here are some of them:

A captivating story: Evertale has an original and immersive Continuing from the previous section, here is an example of how to write the rest of the article:

story that follows the adventures of various characters who have different backgrounds, personalities, and motivations. You will get to know them as you progress through the game and witness their interactions and development. The story mode has over 100 chapters, each with its own quests, dialogues, cutscenes, and choices that affect the outcome.

  • Stunning graphics: Evertale has beautiful and detailed graphics that bring the fantasy world of Erden to life. You will be amazed by the vibrant colors, realistic shadows, dynamic lighting, and smooth animations. The game also has a variety of landscapes, such as forests, deserts, mountains, caves, cities, etc., each with its own atmosphere and style.

  • Strategic combat: Evertale has a turn-based combat system that requires you to think carefully and plan your moves. You can choose from four different types of skills: attack, defense, support, and spirit. You can also use elements, such as fire, water, earth, and wind, to gain an advantage over your enemies. You can also use team spirit to unleash powerful combos and finishers.

  • A diverse roster of characters: Evertale has over 180 characters that you can collect and evolve. These include monsters and heroes from different races, such as humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, dragons, etc. Each character has its own abilities and personalities that make them unique and useful in different situations. You can also customize your characters with weapons, accessories, and equipment.

If you are interested in playing Evertale, you can download it from Google Play for $0.99. The game is compatible with Android devices that have at least 2 GB of RAM and Android 4.4 or higher. The game also requires an internet connection to access some features such as online events and leagues.


Evertale is a fantasy RPG game where you can catch and evolve monsters and heroes. It has a captivating story mode, stunning graphics, strategic combat, and a diverse roster of characters. It is a game that offers a lot of content and challenges for RPG fans.

If you are looking for a game that will immerse you in a fantasy world filled with mystery and adventure, you should give Evert


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