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Rezo Titov
Rezo Titov

[S10E16] Hot And Fast

Cristina has found seven subjects for her trial and Owen is at looking at the scans with her. He comments it's gone fast. She says it is because she knows what she wants. She asks if he did the profile. He did not, as he spent the morning trying to fix this thing between Derek and Callie. She sits down behind her computer and says she'll do it for him. She asks him to describe himself. He refuses, so she fills in that he's stubborn. She adds smart and athletic. She types he's a busy professional seeking for someone who's also passionate about their work, someone who's... She asks him for some input. He wants someone who doesn't care to cook, or get out of bed when it's not a work day. She smiles as she realizes he's describing her. Someone who sleeps so soundly and peacefully that he has to check her pulse sometimes. Someone who suffered and understands suffering, he adds. She advises him to keep it more upbeat. "To the point that I don't have to say a word. She just looks at me and sees who I am, how I feel, accepts it. She doesn't try to change it, doesn't want to change it. That person," he finishes. He says there are a billion people out there, but he imagines there's only one her.

[S10E16] Hot and Fast


Conner claims Clark cannot catch him and attempts to speed away, but Clark speeds up and blocks his path, to Conner's amazement. Conner asks how Clark was able to move so fast, and Clark tells him he's just like him. Conner asks if Clark is his dad, and a disturbed Clark replies he prefers the term "brother". He tells Clark he thought Conner and the Blur were the only ones with these powers, and then realizes Clark is the Blur. Clark asks how Conner knows about the Blur, and Conner reveals that he is a big fan. Conner wants to go save someone in Metropolis with Clark, but Clark says he feels it would be safer if Conner practiced controlling his powers. Lois Lane enters the barn and tells Clark she needs him to sign the byline so their article can make the evening edition. She steps on a metal tool, and as Lois tries to fix her heel, she unintentionally arouses Conner, activating his heat vision. Clark turns him around just in time and his heat vision hits a metal bucket in a powerful burst. Lois, alarmed, asks what just happened, and the two of them answer "Nothing".

Back at the house, Clark changes his clothes and finds Tess waiting for him in the kitchen. She asks how Conner is doing. Clark tells her that he is getting things faster that he did. Tess notes that Clark is taking pride in Conner, but tells him that Lionel-2 has learned Conner's location and he should be moved. Conner overhears them and speeds off. 041b061a72


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