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What You Need to Know About Carenado - Cessna Citation II 550 v2 for FSX P3D

the cessna citation ii/sp works supremely with either fs9 and fs9/sp1 or fsx and fsx/sp2/dx10. in your virtual cockpit find an eaglesoft garmin gns 500 gps unit, eaglesoft collins rtu-4200 radio tuning units, a sandel 4550 electronic altitude indicator, and a sandel 3308 that has a moving map, flight plan and navigation data, or, navdata, in a one hundred and twenty degree mode.

[FSX P3D] Carenado - Cessna Citation II 550 v2 torrent

it files size starts to make sense when you look at gorgeous textures. there are six liveries, each clocking in with a 4k resolution, that is super high definition. you need only look at any carenado product to get a sense for the level of detail they squeeze into their aircraft, this one is no exception. numerous texture maps and specular maps bring the polygon model and the elegant liveries together, creating a seamless visual experience for you to enjoy. one that you can customize, thanks to the addition of a blank livery that you can use as a template to create your own custom paint schemes.

the best way to think about the cessna citation ii is as a great business jet that has a little runway to itself. the major difference between the mustang and the vip is just that the mustang is built better to accommodate the second class passengers while the cessna is built to accommodate the first class travelers. this is why the cessna has been used to transport many hollywood celebrities around the world and why the majority of the cessna enthusiasts are the second class passengers.

the first thing that you will notice when you start up the mission is the extremely high quality of the engine and sound effects. the jets are a lot more detailed than any jet you have flown before, however they are still realistic, thanks to the engine. you will also be impressed with the level of detail in the scenery, as well as the complete level of compatibility that the carenado mission has with the x-plane missions, especially the mustang missions.


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