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Marathi Natak Yonichya Maneechya Gujgoshti

Marathi Natak Yonichya Maneechya Gujgoshti: A Bold and Controversial Play that Explores Women's Sexuality

Marathi Natak Yonichya Maneechya Gujgoshti is a Marathi translation of the internationally acclaimed play The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler. The play was originally developed by Ensler as an output of her research with 200 women about their views on sex, relationships, and violence against women . It has been translated into 46 languages till now, including the Marathi translation by Vandana Khare.

The translation has been widely appreciated for its cultural sensitivity and relevance. Yonichya Maneechya Gujgoshti intersperses local anecdotes and motifs in line with native sensibilities, while retaining the soul of the original. As the monologues unearth dark secrets, suppressed feelings and mute anguish linked to the vagina, the context is 24-carat Maharashtrian - be it stories of menstrual distress, sex cravings, childbirth, incest, gender bias or lesbian relationships.

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The play has been performed across Maharashtra in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nasik, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri and Amravati among others. The play has received mixed reactions from the audience, ranging from curiosity, surprise, shock, empathy and admiration. Some have found the play titillating, while others have found it enlightening and empowering. The play has also faced some criticism and opposition from conservative groups who have deemed it vulgar and obscene.

The play features three actresses who portray various characters and narrate their stories in a candid and humorous manner. Vandana Khare and Samata Medhatul are the main performers who have been associated with the play since its inception in 2009. They have been praised for their true-to-life rendering and believable characters trapped in real-life situations. Khare's portrayal of an old Goan lady reminiscing the half-baked yesteryear awareness of her sexuality was the highlight of the show - a delicate weave of humor and pathos that won a genuine round of applause.

Yonichya Maneechya Gujgoshti has also received recognition and appreciation from various quarters for its artistic and social merit. The play has won several awards and accolades, such as the Maharashtra State Award for Best Play in 2010, the META Award for Best Ensemble in 2011, and the Zee Gaurav Award for Best Actress in 2012. The play has also been featured in various media platforms, such as newspapers, magazines, television channels, and online portals.

Yonichya Maneechya Gujgoshti has also faced some challenges and controversies along its journey. In 2010, a group of activists filed a complaint against the play for hurting the sentiments of women and violating the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act. The case was later dismissed by the Bombay High Court, which upheld the freedom of expression of the playwrights and performers. In 2013, a group of right-wing activists disrupted a show in Pune and tried to stop it from being staged. The police intervened and arrested some of the protesters, while allowing the show to continue.

Despite these hurdles, Yonichya Maneechya Gujgoshti has continued to entertain and educate audiences with its bold and honest portrayal of women's sexuality. The play has also inspired many women to speak up about their own experiences and break the silence around taboo topics. Yonichya Maneechya Gujgoshti is not just a play, but a movement that celebrates womanhood in all its glory.



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