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Watermark Sense 1.4.1

I am attempting to write a simple watermark type plugin and I want to take advantage of live events since not all of the elements I need to use it on will exist during the page load, or they may be added and removed from the DOM. However, for some reason the events never fire.

Watermark Sense 1.4.1

It needs this because of how .live() works, when an event bubbles up to document it checks that selector...if there's no selector, there's no way for it to check. Also, if you have a DOM element and the event handler is for only it, .live() wouldn't make much sense anyway :)

There is one notable difference in how contrast requirements are applied. Contrast requirements in WCAG 2.0 are between text and background, but 1.4.11 requires contrast of at least 3:1 against adjacent color(s)" which means you may need to measure contrast in more than one place. A non-text element may have different contrast on one side than the other (like a wedge in a pie chart), or it may contain different-colored components that need 3:1 contrast with each other.

There are two types of non-text elements that 1.4.11 says must have 3:1 contrast. The first are "User Interface Components," which are controls for distinct functions. For example, in a group of linked social media icons, each icon is a distinct user interface component.

WCAG 2 does not prohibit any specific color or color combination, such as red and green. The previous success criteria require that text and non-text elements have sufficient contrast. Success Criterion 1.4.1, a Level A requirement, prohibits using color alone to present meaningful content or instructions. It reads:

The intent of this Success Criterion is to enable a user agent to provide an alternative presentation of content while preserving the reading order needed to understand the meaning. It is important that it is possible to programmatically determine at least one sequence of the content that makes sense. Content that does not meet this Success Criterion may confuse or disorient users when assistive technology reads the content in the wrong order, or when alternate style sheets or other formatting changes are applied.

The use of descriptive terms are acceptable if they are understood to have meaning in a non-visual context. For example, using above and below would generally be acceptable, as they respectively imply content before and after a particular item of content; this would still make sense when the content is spoken aloud.

A further consideration is the selected state for an interface element (for example, tabs, toggle buttons, among others), which needs to be conveyed in some way other than just with color and beyond just a visual presentation. For such elements, the additional use of patterns, shapes, and programmatic information are helpful when creating a fully inclusive user experience that does not rely on a specific sense.

Watermark to Protect Your Photos & Video. If you are a beginning or professional photographer, photojournalist or artist iWatermark+ (the update to iWatermark) works for you to by adding a visible personal text or graphic watermark. Once added to a photo or video this visible watermark displays your creation and ownership. #1 watermark app for TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat. To see what other pros think checkout the (over 1000) 5 star reviews on iTunes App Store.

For the past 2 decades iWatermark has been the most popular multi-platform tool available for Mac & Windows as iWatermark Pro & on iOS/Phone/iPad & Android as the apps iWatermark and iWatermark+. iWatermark lets you add your personal or business watermarks to any photo or video. Once added this watermark displays your creation and ownership of this photograph or artwork.

We consider everything you do to customize a photo, to make it your own, a watermark. In the past watermarks were invented and used to ID items like stamps, currency, banknotes, passports and other official documents. Nowadays, in the same way, digital watermarks infuse your identity and style into your photos and videos. The photographer Ansel Adams had a distinctive style that marks his photos, just as the unique painting style of Monetmarks his paintings. Ansel Adams used black and white, clarity, contrast, huge, unpopulated, and majestic landscapes as his signature even though he also signed his work. Like the great photographers and artists you can style your work so that it is not only beautiful and recognizable but also helps protect your creations. This is why we see each of the items below even metadata, stegomark, resize and filters as watermarks because they can imbue a photo with your particular style.

iWatermark on the surface may seem somewhat similar to graphic apps like PhotoShop but iWatermark takes a significantly different angle. iWatermark is designed to process one or many photos with a variety of watermarking tools, all constructed for a unique purpose, to suffuse each of your photos with your identity as a photographer.

Love the flexibility of this app! Never had a glitch using it. Take one watermark and change the color, size, orientation, angle, opacity to suit whatever image you need it for. Wish I could do this in Lightroom when exporting images! Thanks for a great app! Worth every penny!

iWatermark+ is a fantastic app. I downloaded my logo and now all photos I post have my copyright and company identification on them. There is complete flexibility on the size of the watermark, its opacity and the placement on the page. It is great to have some degree of protection against the theft of your photos, and iWatermark+ does this.

If you create content, photo and/or video iWatermark is AWESOME. Saves me time in putting a picture and transparent logo on video, with simply a couple clicks. PLUS I found out today, that the transparent watermark I created on my iphone can be made available on my ipad pro.. For free

I was looking for a way to add a copyright to my photos before posting them online and found this app. It has been very user friendly and allows for many customizations. I especially like the numerous fonts available and the ability to easily change the color, size, angle, and transparency of the watermark. This has been a great buy and I highly recommend it.

Very good app. Supports multiple watermarks, easy to change to whatever watermark one wishes. Selecting multiple images to watermark is easy, especially as the app follows the order of albums as set in Photos (many apps do not). Easy to move the location and size of the watermark as well. Excellent app all around.

I looked around quite a bit and this app is The Best. Period! You can spend your time and energy trying to find a free app or even a paid one, but you could be done with excellent watermarking experience in a fraction of that time and effort.

I do a lot of artwork that I like to share online. This app is perfect for what I need. I can put a custom watermark on all my art and customize the metadata tags as well, then send my work to Instagram quickly and easily!

Very useful and convenient little app. Enables me to add watermark on a fly to any special image that I want to post, quickly adjust watermark location, position, transparency, size. Very useful, using it constantly.

Upgraded to IOS 10.0.1 on iPad Pro and Watermark will only sporadically give you the option to save to your camera roll. You can watermark a photo and save it to camera roll, then the next photo will not give you that option.

I am an amateur photographer and I use this app everyday. It is very easy and allowed me to design my own cool watermarks. The only thing I would change is I wish I could access it directly from my photo roll, but it is still the best app out there .

It saves fine. The watermarked photos go in 2 places a folder called iWatermark folder and the regular camera album. If you have a problem contact us direct because this place is for reviews not tech support. Thanks and looking forward to speaking with you.

Without reading any instructions I watermarked my first photo in less than two minutes. How many apps have you downloaded that were this simple to use? Maybe Apple will use iWatermark as a template for an iTunes redesign!

Watermark+ is an awesome app. I love being able to combine multiple watermarks on each photo. I had previously bought the paid Watermark app and purchased the plus app within two hours. Excellent product with excellent user manual and FAQs to help you. Thank you for the great product!

I sell LuLaRoe and this app makes it easy for me to watermark mobile so no one steals my pics! (Or at least so I get credit when they do!) Tons of options & I love that I could import my logo. Worth the price and it does batches too!

You can watermark many of your art at the same time. This app offers many different ways to add your watermark, put the copy right symbol, and signature on your art. You can add many different copyright symbols on your art at the same time. You are able to move your symbols around to fit your preference.

As an amateur photographer, I wanted to watermark my best photos to distribute. I also wanted a way to make my photos unique and this this app allows me to do just that. In a very short time I was working its magic on my photos. I highly recommend buying the bundle.

I searched through a few apps before deciding on this one. I found it to be super easy and I love that I can upload my own custom logo and use that as a watermark on the art photos I upload to Facebook and Instagram.

I have been using this app for over a year and I absolutely LOVE it!! I take nature photography and it is important for me to have my watermark on them when I post. This app makes it so simple and efficient, I simply love it. I recommended to anyone.

Does what it says. If you take the time to make a good creation on your watermarks it can make your photos very unique and appealing. One thing I would add is a quick save shortcut rather than having to hunt it down.

A huge improvement on Watermark (which I liked a lot) You can now easily edit a saved watermark while you are applying it and there a lot more options for changing it. This is a really useful app and super easy to use. 041b061a72


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