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Species 2 720p Download Movies !!INSTALL!!

Species 2 720p Download Movies: How to Watch the Sci-Fi Horror Sequel Online

If you are a fan of sci-fi horror movies, you might want to watch Species 2 720p download movies online. Species 2 is a 1998 film that is a sequel to the 1995 film Species. The film stars Michael Madsen, Natasha Henstridge, Marg Helgenberger and Justin Lazard. The film follows the story of an astronaut who gets infected by an alien virus during a mission to Mars and starts impregnating women with his half-alien offspring. To stop him, a team of scientists and a cloned alien hybrid named Eve try to track him down and stop his rampage. In this article, we will show you what Species 2 is about, why you should watch it online and how to download it in 720p quality.

Species 2 720p Download Movies

What is Species 2 about?

Species 2 is a sci-fi horror thriller film that is a sequel to Species, which was based on the characters created by Dennis Feldman. The film was directed by Peter Medak and written by Chris Brancato. The film was released on April 10, 1998 and received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences. However, some fans of the genre enjoyed the film for its gore, nudity and action scenes.

The plot of Species 2 revolves around Patrick Ross (Justin Lazard), the son of a senator (James Cromwell) who leads a human mission to Mars. During the mission, he and his crew collect soil samples that contain an alien substance that infects them. When they return to Earth, they are celebrated as heroes, but Patrick starts having sexual urges and sleeps with several women. The women become pregnant with his half-alien children, who burst out of their stomachs and kill them. Patrick hides his alien offspring in a remote shed and tries to find more women to impregnate.

Meanwhile, a team of scientists led by Dr. Laura Baker (Marg Helgenberger) have created a clone of Sil (Natasha Henstridge), the alien hybrid from the first film who was killed by Patrick's friend Press Lennox (Michael Madsen). The clone, named Eve, is more docile and peaceful than Sil and is kept in isolation for experiments. Eve shows signs of attraction to Patrick every time he has sex with women. The scientists realize that Patrick is infected by the same alien virus that created Sil and Eve and that he poses a threat to humanity.

The scientists contact Press Lennox, who is now a mercenary, and ask him to help them stop Patrick. Press agrees and teams up with Laura and Eve to track down Patrick and his alien children. They also have to deal with Patrick's father, who tries to cover up his son's crimes and protect him from harm. The film culminates in a showdown between Patrick and Eve, who are drawn to each other by their alien instincts.

Why should you watch Species 2 online?

Species 2 is not a masterpiece of cinema, but it is an entertaining movie for fans of sci-fi horror movies. The film has some elements that make it worth watching online, such as:

  • The cast: The film features some familiar faces from the first film, such as Michael Madsen, Natasha Henstridge and Marg Helgenberger, who reprise their roles as Press Lennox, Sil/Eve and Laura Baker respectively. The film also introduces Justin Lazard as Patrick Ross, who plays the villainous role with charisma and menace.

  • The effects: The film has some impressive special effects that showcase the alien transformations and gore scenes. The film uses a combination of practical effects and CGI to create the half-alien creatures and their violent births. The film also has some action sequences that involve gunfights, explosions and car chases.

  • The nudity: The film does not shy away from showing nudity and sex scenes involving the main characters. The film features several scenes where Patrick seduces and impregnates women with his alien seed. The film also shows Eve's naked body several times as she undergoes tests in the lab or escapes from her captors.

How to download Species 2 in 720p quality?

If you want to download Species 2 in 720p quality, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Find a reliable website that offers Species 2 720p download movies online. You can use a search engine or a movie review site to find one.

  • Check the website's reputation and security before downloading anything from it. You can use an antivirus software or a browser extension to scan the website for viruses or malware.

  • Select the download option that suits your preferences and needs. You can choose between direct download or torrent download.

  • Download the movie file to your computer or device using a suitable program or app.

  • Enjoy watching Species 2 in 720p quality on your computer or device.

What are the reviews of Species 2?

Species 2 received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences when it was released in 1998. The film has a 9% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 32 reviews, with an average rating of 3.1/10. The consensus reads: \"Species II is chock full of bad dialogue, bad acting, and bad special effects.\" The film also has a score of 19 out of 100 on Metacritic based on 13 reviews, indicating \"overwhelming dislike\".

Some of the common criticisms of the film are that it is a cheap and unnecessary sequel that lacks the originality and suspense of the first film. The film is also accused of being too predictable, clichéd and cheesy, with poor writing and directing. The film is also criticized for being too graphic and exploitative, with excessive violence, gore and nudity that serve no purpose other than to shock and titillate the viewers.

However, some reviewers and fans of the genre have praised the film for being a fun and entertaining B-movie that delivers what it promises. The film is also complimented for its cast, especially Natasha Henstridge, who plays both Sil and Eve with charm and sex appeal. The film is also appreciated for its special effects, which are considered impressive for its time and budget.

What are the trivia of Species 2?

Species 2 has some interesting trivia that might enhance your enjoyment of the film. Some of the trivia are:

  • The film was originally intended to be set in a space station orbiting Mars, but the idea was scrapped due to budget constraints.

  • The film features a cameo appearance by Peter Boyle as Dr. Herman Cromwell, who was one of the scientists who created Sil in the first film. Boyle reprised his role from a deleted scene in Species.

  • The film was shot in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington D.C., where some of the locations include the National Air and Space Museum, the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building.

  • The film was nominated for two Saturn Awards by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films: Best Science Fiction Film and Best Actress for Natasha Henstridge.

  • The film was followed by two direct-to-video sequels: Species III (2004) and Species: The Awakening (2007), neither of which feature any of the original cast members.


Species 2 720p download movies online is a sci-fi horror thriller film that is a sequel to Species. The film tells the story of an astronaut who gets infected by an alien virus and starts impregnating women with his half-alien offspring. To stop him, a team of scientists and a cloned alien hybrid named Eve try to track him down and stop his rampage. The film has some elements that make it worth watching online, such as the cast, the effects and the nudity. However, the film also has some drawbacks, such as the negative reviews, the poor writing and directing and the excessive violence and gore. Therefore, we recommend you to watch Species 2 online only if you are a fan of the genre and you are looking for some mindless entertainment. Species 2 is a guilty pleasure for sci-fi horror fans. d282676c82


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