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Megamind The Button Of Doom Full Movie 36

The tag line "Worst Guy Ever" could have been thought through a little more! Though it's interesting that this press release barely references the kids/ninjas being in 'high school' like the previous one did? Maybe it's just a safer bet to mention an 'epic battle' and be done with it. There's some great talent involved in this film, particularly Lord and Miller, and certain members of the voice cast so I think it'll turn out fine. Maybe not amazing, but fine....But then I've only ever watched about 2 episodes in full of the tv series so it's certainly not going to ruin memories of Ninjago from that perspective. I have a feeling I'll find it hard to see as many other adults without children at this movie though. It doesn't have the same nostalgic pulling power of TLM and TLBM.

Megamind The Button Of Doom Full Movie 36

@Jakob Mohler: When I read the names of the cast I quickly realized "Koko" might be a nickname/pet name for Misako. The evil Garmadon having a cutesy nickname for Misako would not just be heartwarming, but would also fit with the way the LEGO Movie and its spin-offs use lighthearted humor to offset the melodrama.Overall, I think the decision to create a new continuity makes a lot of sense IMO, and a new cast helps convey that this is a new take on the franchise (in addition to following The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie's formula of letting seasoned comedy actors really go wild with the characters and premise). Keeping an ongoing TV series and ongoing movie series in the same continuity is a huge hassle due to their vastly differing production schedules. You often end up with the writers struggling not to contradict, spoil, or otherwise undercut potential storylines for one series with the events of another. The Marvel Cinematic Universe only really manages it by having their TV series and movie series focus on separate main characters, with the main characters of the movies usually only appearing in the TV series as occasional guest stars.Plus, you end up having to write every movie installment to appeal to people with wildly differing amounts of background knowledge instead of everybody starting from square one. Overall, there's a lot of reasons why the makers of multimedia franchises like Transformers and TMNT keep their movie and TV universes separate.The story premise here sounds like a good starting point IMO. Not only was the conflict between Wu and Garmadon where the series began, but because it was told as a short TV special rather than a full season, it may not have lived up to its absolute fullest potential on TV. Furthermore, with the benefit of hindsight, Dan and Kevin Hageman have probably got several ideas of what they might do differently if they were to tell that story anew. Overall there's not too much new info here, but with the original TV writers at the helm and the great precedent The LEGO Movie demonstrated, my hopes remain high.


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